Partners Onboard

As we grow our program, we are constantly developing partnerships with area schools, businesses and other organizations investing in the community. Find out how to join our program today and help us prepare students for success. Ask about our on-boarding process.

Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Here are some of the partnering organizations we have today.

 Big Brothers Big Sisters - have partnered with EVF to provide career readiness programming for their mentees

STEM Industry Council - Partnered with EVF to provide career readiness training to high school students in preparations for STEM internships and Huntington African American Business Resource Group...

The Ubuntu Institute is an international non-profit development organization focused on achieving the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals in Africa. The Institute is a grassroots-driven...

Columbus City Schools – EVF has partnered with the largest school district in the state of Ohio to provide the Middle School Leadership and High School Programs to district students.