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Everyone wins when young people and adults in the community become productive, successful contributors to society.

Our goal is to prepare the current and next generation for life by giving them the tools to succeed.  Students will benefit from this.  Businesses and organizations will benefit greatly from this. Our community will benefit from this.  This can only happen if we work together as a TEAM.





Become a part of the TEAM today as a student or partner.

Becoming a Student

For student participants, we offer career development service to teenagers preparing for success in the workforce, adults looking to further their careers and middle schoolers developing leadership skills that will lead to successful careers. We also offer life coaching to help our graduates along the way.  Students are encouraged to join one of our Career Institute sessions by completing our online application.

Becoming a Partner

As we grow our program, we are constantly developing partnerships with area schools, businesses and other organizations investing in the community. Our middle school leadership program is conducted at partnering schools. Our Career Institute sessions are also conducted in schools and other partnering facilities. Find out how your organization or school can join us today and help us prepare students for success. 

Becoming a Volunteer

We are always looking for capable volunteers to serve with us. Our policies reflect the highest standard of par excellence. We will not discriminate on basis of race, color, gender, creed, ethnic origin, religion or sexual preference. We welcome knowledgeable instructors, capable life coaches, recruiter, grant writers, and others willing to contribute to the program. Find out how you can serve the community and our students. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.