Student Participants

We are focused on teaching good students how to be the best students as they prepare for their future.

We are currently based in Columbus OH.  By becoming a student of our Career Institute, you will have the opportunity to develop job skills that can put you ahead in a competitive workforce.  Our students are given career management tools many of their peers do not have which gives them an advantage.

The Career Institute is a program within the Expanding Visions Foundation which employs quality level coursework and relationships with employers in Central Ohio to equip students with the skills necessary to excel in life and the workplace.  The curriculum is proven to work and the trainers are top class professionals in their fields.  Here are a few highlights.

Some Highlights

  • 85% of students were employed within 3 weeks of completing the program
  • 100% of organizations requested an additional session of the program
  • All instructors are corporate employees, business undergraduate or graduate students, and have background checks
  • Over 254 students have graduated from this program
  • Partnership with Acolche’, a staffing company who provides high level mock interviews for students
  • Trained over 90 adults for the Columbus Fire Department and Civil Service Examinations
  • Sessions held at over 24 locations throughout Central Ohio

Please go to CI Application, complete all sections and submit it. You will be contacted after your application has been review.  We also ask that each student complete a Student Survey before the first class.

For more information about the Career Institute, download our Media Packet. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.